Giant Pacific Octopus Anatomy

Giant Pacific Octopus Anatomy

From Giant Pacific Octopus Anatomy

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When it comes to most invertebrates, such as the majestic giant Pacific octopus, we have only a superficial understanding of their anatomy.  This rather amorphous and intelligent animal has three hearts and a complete closed vascular system (as we have shown in the preliminary study). We hope to use this pilot study bring more interest in studying some of the more unusual animals.

To define and publish the anatomy of the giant Pacific octopus (Enteroctopus dofleini).  At current time, there is minimal information on octopus anatomy save a few publications.  These incredible animals are kept in aquariums with little information of their basic anatomy.

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Donated money goes to the 501(c)3 the Tia Greenberg Foundation for Exotic Animal Research in Huntington Beach, California and is used to fund approved studies.

The Comprehensive Anatomy Research Project was established by Dr. Scott Echols in effort to use advanced imaging tools to study anatomy of animals.  This fundamental science is essential for proper care of wild, collection and companion animals and is missing for most the species under our care.

Multiple scientists (veterinarians, medical doctors, anatomists, biologists and more) are part of the Project.  Each researcher, or research team, works with submitted species with the ultimate goal of publication.  Focus is given to describing the anatomy and, in many cases, applying the information for clinical use in effort to improve animal care.

There are numerous studies already underway and funded.  However, we need assistance funding several projects.  

Please visit, call 877-574-4186 or email Dr. Echols at [email protected]

To learn more about the Comprehensive Anatomy Research Project or Dr. Echols, please visit

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