With a little help from my friends...

With a little help from my friends...

From Samanta Natenzon

Hi everyone, meet Miriam and her two daughters, Brilliant and Sharleen. Miriam has been taking good care of us in Nairobi, far far away from her home. Help us get her two girls go to primary school !

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Samanta Natenzon posted a new update:
10 months ago

Update #2

Happy birthday dear Miriam!
We have reached the end of the campaign just in time for Miriam’s bday on November 29th. We didn’t reach our goal, but we’re very close to thanks to all of you.

Special thanks to Carla Muheim from Switzerland, Julia Gontijo from Brazil and Karim Teymourtache from Iran for amazing contributions. You guys have helped boost a tangible change I couldn’t do by myself, in only one month!

As a way to ensure the girls optimize their studying time and avoid hours and hours of walks to the river carrying up to 20 Liter containers in their heads, I contacted a local water tank provider who delivered a 5,000L JoJo tank to the family. They built a concrete base for it in 24 hours! Together with it, a clean water truck to refill it providing fresh water for cooking and drinking. They will continue to rely on the river for washing clothing and their cow (who sleeps in the same house as them). Private water suppliers abuse of disadvantaged communities by charging up to 500 times more the price per liter than the average liter cost in Nairobi!.

Besides being a strenuous and time consuming activity, Kenyan women are vulnerable to rape in their long journeys to collect water from the river and wood for cooking. This is not something I can accept for Miriam’s girls.

The tank can harvest some rainwater, cleaned through a home-made filter. However, because of the poor conditions of the rooftop of the house, efficient collection of water is still not possible, making the family depend on private water suppliers each month or so. 45 USD for 4,500 liters of water - more than a lot of us pay in the comfort of our homes.

My next goal is to continuing to raise funds to buy stabilized soil bricks ( half the price than regular bricks and much more sustainable according to UN-Habitat) sand and timber to build a safe home for them. Gas cooking instead of harmful smoke of wood, which is giving Brilliant asthma. Stable walls that resist the rain. A roof able to collect water through pipes and dispense it in the tank making the journeys to the river less and less necessary!

The link remains open for donations ! Perfect Christmas gift ❤️

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Samanta Natenzon posted a new update:
11 months ago

Update #1

So amazed at the people that have been donating, from all over the place. We've got some really generous folks amongst us and sometimes we don't even realize it!
It's really touching to get messages updates and see the smile on Miriam's face every time I come up to her screaming "Miram, Miriam we got one more!!". I'm showing her pictures and sharing stories of each one of you. Talk about global love.

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