I want to see the world like everyone else.

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I want to correct my color blindness problem, which I have had since I was born and thus be able to buy my chromatic glasses to be able to see like others and improve my quality of life


Since I was little they told my parents because I mixed up the colors at school. And that? we said, get used to it and that's it.

This is how I have grown during my current 34 years of life, having some problems from time to time for the same reason but always solving them in one way or another, in my profession which is Audio Engineering, I have day-to-day problems that I already have,

Grabbed the way to solve it, from confusing buttons, cables, and connectors because they have a color which is difficult for me to see or differentiate, usually ends in laughter, because I always say it jokingly to excuse myself:

"Excuse me, I'm Color Blind"

and we laugh together.

I would like to know how normal people see the world normally

A short time ago, no more than 1 or 2 years ago, I found out that there is a company called enchroma, which specialized and developed glasses to help the colorblind to see like others, correcting the chromatic through these, and despite that throughout my life I have known how to cope, I have to be honest:

"If I would like to know how normal people like you see"

And I don't know, maybe it would help me a lot in my daily life. I have seen many videos when people are handed their glasses and put them on for the first time, and their reaction is great, they even cry with happiness to see the whole spectrum of colors like normal people.

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