I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Terrence Hearfiel

I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Terrence Hearfiel

From Terrence Hearfield

Where ever we are in the world we should all be proud of Marcus and the way he speaks out. Chris Hudson it looks that your message does not apply to Colston, so it does matter who the messenger is. Joseph Benjamin White

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People with small kids and no education have to work for whatever wages you offer. Keeping poor people pregnant and raising children they can’t afford is another way to keep them subjugated. Once born, the baby, as is current practice, has no rights to public support of life of any quality education, shelter, nutrition, care, support.

Workers now have to pay into a pension scheme through their pay but I bet there are many who could put that money to better use e. Back on point, there is the Government age pension to fall back on, that’s better than working until you drop. Morris Armstrong they didn’t think of that Bev Nixon I was responding to a comment about suggesting people retire later in life, 70 years, because they can’t afford to retire at 65.

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