I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Sivasubramaniam K

I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Sivasubramaniam K

From Sivasubramaniam Kajendran

YOU ARE THE ONE WHO CITED THE LIES AND YOU CAN NOT TELL ME THE OFFICERS NAME. And after 18 minutes the best you got is to tell me to look it up, don't be lazy. Jose Orona WOW, Jose I ask for the name of the officer in At

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He said it was because he’s a cute white boy with a nice smile and a charismatic attitude and honestly I can’t think of any other reason. Chad Lauchlan Literally I know a guy who was all kinds of under the influence when he got pulled over and had no license and literally schmoozed his way out of even getting a ticket. Or they are Karen's and be calling the cops and know that equals a dead person.

Thanks for your opinion Democrats have to apologize on behalf of their Commie China Clan, Master. Jeremy, me me me doesn’t care bc you you you should be criticizing the protestors. Matter of fact it's making the virus spread but who can blame people for protesting murder perpetrated by police.

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