I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Sandeep Bisht

I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Sandeep Bisht

From Sandeep Bisht

Trump’s ‘concern’ for the military has nothing to do with respect for the military or protecting America. And I like to go around pointing out that what they have penned is horseshit. I worked with military professionals

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So he dresses in black face and throws around the n word and he still has this Emmy gig. But he gets a pass for some reason hmm wonder whyAll the late night talk shows i stopped watching years ago. I guess it's okay for Liberals to dress up in Black Face but if it's a conservative or a republican you're shamed and fired and can't work in the industry anymore.

Alfie Montalbán talk about missing the point Even if she had been arrested and charged, numerous studies show she would get a lighter sentence than a black woman for the samr crimes. Alfie Montalbán how about reading the post first, most all were treated lightly by the police, they didn't just 'get away with it'Alfie Montalbán not the point. LAlfie Montalbán Duh, the fact is that she was not charged for anything she blatantly did wrong.

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