I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Ryder Webb

I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Ryder Webb

From Ryder Webb

Mi Ron they’ve been quiet since all this started, after not shutting tfu for so long, it’s comical. Mi Ron says the ghost account trolling the internet just kinda sad they didn’t burn down the bridge you live under. Some

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Police definitely need to have the ability to protect their lives, but they are not at risk from someone escaping. The justice system works best when you have checks and balances, so power doesn't end up being abused. Have a good nightI believe that deadly force should be restricted to life or death matters.

You’re a mindless drone controlled by the media and you can’t form an independent thought. How many times will you ask for the same thing and still call names. Patrick McDevitt he keeps repeating the question not understanding what we are all saying he is just a robot.

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