I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Roland Duce

I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Roland Duce

From Roland Duce

Do you also believe windmills give you cancer and fairies live at the end of the garden its early yet give them chance. Awesome the cop in MN had 18 complaints against him and should never have been a cop after that many

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Salone Man wait until the Chinese boom your house soon and you will be in hell happily ever after. Tragic as this is for the three people and their families, it is not in anyway significant geopolitically. Standard politics, in times of crisis (ie their economy being thumped by COVID19 etc) find an external threat to promote to create a siege mentality to gather domestic support.

So, you don't think it matters or that he's sincere but you chide him for taking so long and you're skeptical of how it will work. Injustice was taking place right under the noses of politicians and they did nothing to prevent it. This time people aren't settling for thoughts and prayers or it's too soon to talk about it, stop making it so political.

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