I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Robert Goddard

I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Robert Goddard

From Robert Goddard

I knew Dems were bad, but I NEVER, in a million years, thought they'd sink this low. Ahhh it's obvious with some LGBTQ people that they are may be or are likely members of that community based on appearance,and etc. I'm

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We need some bigger picture thinking here in the magnitude of black lives matter. All that has happened is that covid has exposed the crushing poverty imposed by austerity. Without wishing to detract from this young mans very welcome contribution I wonder why we think it's necessary.

Jay Skube It is being withheld in a way if so called CNN medical experts are saying to take it with a grain of salt. Like get help lady, or log offDave Edison luckily, the CNN medical experts don’t diagnose and prescribe anything via television signal and hospitals aren’t watching CNN to see what they can prescribe. Dave Edison a CNN person giving a professional opinion doesn’t mean anything is being withheld from you dude.

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