I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Robert Castrey

I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Robert Castrey

From Robert Castrey

Typical left reply, but look what the right have done, before they will condemn the left's actions over these last few weeks. Tony Austin no, you are just in denial that the left are just as bad, when did the right destr

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Ann Foster If you can't deal with history you have mental issues oh BTW why we're these statues not an issue during the Obama administration. They have nothing to do with history, other than the historic fear and guilt southern whites felt. Eddie Smith Those statues were put up long after the Civil War, to intimidate blacks during the Jim Crow era.

It was taken away years ago by white folks who felt like it was unfair to them despite the evidence to the contraryFrances Kloes agree, people can be ignorant thinking once in they wont need to get passing grades. Great Antonio Salazar it’s been proven AA works but still isn’t enough to level the playing field. Do you realize how many areas of the workforce have had to dumb down their specified curriculum because of affirmative action.

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