I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Richards

I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Richards

From Logan Richards

Who wants to be a cop in a dangerous inner city with no weapon. AOC and her band of thought police and social workers are adept at spotting racism and once the white supremacists are out of NY then that city will be a pr

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Pompeo stay away from china they may carry virus & may plan to kill you so be careful. They are cheaters and they even don't respect value of there own country people Life. USA is the big satan, the wicked country, the menace of the worldChristopher Meisner Traitor sold to the Devil Never trust on these Chinese, they are enemy of humanity and wildlife too.

I guess as the Twinkie Defence has been used in American law the Diet Coke and Big Mac one may be called into play for this PresidencyGermany by far has a better Woman leader, than. Boo hooThe Germans are having to pay 30% more into the EU as well He’s been listening to those voices in his head again. At least he is funny our BoJo even lost that since becoming pmHIGH time to install an easy DIYon ALL podiums for, ol' Potus ol' Merkels' (((shakes))) rubbed off on him.

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