I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Richard Rider

I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Richard Rider

From Richard Rider

Give it a thought it shows that we love all colourRichard Barker you seem pretty defensive there. It's adults that contort everything and turn things into something that they were never intended to be. Carmel Keating Cro

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Anyway, you feel low class because you're probably low class and your realization' that I don't matter is the last gasp effort of an ignoramus to feel smug. Supporting terrorism in the region and doing propaganda these are the only thing they are good enough. They're going to get crushed soon,the only thing that will save them is if they abandon capitalist democracy and embrace socialism with indian characteristics.

I dont like Trump but it is cool of you to be a different thinker then just being like every other place person. As a black man I appreciate What President Trump is doing for America and black community he is the reason I left the Democrat party and I encourage my brothers and sisters to do the same. We're just asking cops stop going for the kill when it's black and brown ppl involved.

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