I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Richard Beamish

I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Richard Beamish

From Richard Beamish

They drink NZ milk, eat your SA LOBSTER, eat the US beef (they dumped your angus beef) and enjoy your expensive penfolds. Let me provide you another fact, you think there are no elites or super star in research or scienc

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Europe proved they could not John Heenan Well you weren’t dragged into it, you were asked to help time and time again but only entered the war when America itself had been attacked. And now the whole world is watching whether or not the US can save itself from itself. The US was in the war for 4 years of the 6 for WW2, so it’s not like you pitched up and won it straight away.

Reading is fundamental you should try doing your own research on them instead of believing what you hear. I have black blood in my family a beautiful little girl wich we all love very much. Their trying to make everyone believe that white people hate blacks, and I tell you thats not the case in 2020.

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