I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Ramesh Varanasi

I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Ramesh Varanasi

From Ramesh Varanasi

Black ppl is a frigging joke to you ppl now, allyuh lucky all we want equality and not revengebr. Org wiki Taliban aKaren Skea Hoggarth what's the point of even going if we can't sing. A target=_blank href= l.

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Louis Geist For the love of anything good, use some correct punctuation to give meaning to your communication. Using you ethnicity as a excuse for being too personally lazy to be bother to sort these things out in a timely manner is appalling. Darren Lewis You can see these woke muppets circling around trying to find offence at something, anything.

Hopefully everything turns to normal and the troops head back to their respective sides on the border. Eric Hussel I'm third generation of Malaysian Chinese and I know how China bullies the smaller nations like us. Respect my choiceBruce Lee 呵呵 最喜欢看这种只敢fb支持 中国该干嘛干嘛又无能为力的赵晨 I can call myself anything I want it's none of your business.

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