I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Ramadhoss Rajendr

I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Ramadhoss Rajendr

From Ramadhoss Rajendran

Considering each household needs two wages(if there is 2 people providing) to survive it's probably hard to find the time after 6 pm to do a 6 hour school day. My lad is in year 11 so he lost his final year, GCSEs, prom

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Blue lives,white lives,black lives and OH how about the American Indians who had their land taken,women raped and STILL aren't being treated fair. So why are they not being stopped when the couple that tried to repaint the street to cover this up in their neighborhood are getting charged with a hate crime. Black lives matter only when they're killed by white men, but if it's black men they stay quiet.

Stop using the victim card to blame everyone else for all of your own problems and failures. Jason Kiker I trust the peaceful protester too Juan Jesus Sanchez yup glad the police aren’t rioting and attacking those exercising their 1st amendment rights. That’s blood splatter’If y'all love living in a country without the boot heel of a centralized federal government on your necks, you can thank men like Confederate GEN Lee and GEN Shelby for making that happen.

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