I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Rajvinder Thandi

I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Rajvinder Thandi

From Rajvinder Thandi

Rachael Park Bakewell tarts and french fancies are bound to offend Phil Carr no I remember. Uncle Ben, Aunt Bessie, Colonel Sanders, Jolly Green Giant whole family better watch out That's the point Cheryl Banks Shrek, Fi

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Tova O'Brien asking the most important question why did Bloomfield state what he was told by the two women as fact, when he can't verify it. Bloody hoha They should have been tested before they left the UK and and other countries. A guy got jailed over in Perth for breaching isolation conditions and so should these people.

If the Redskins team name really was an issue, what about the Braves, Cleveland Indians, College team names, high school team names. Leave it alone, the Native Americans don’t care, this is only offensive in some idiots mind that what’s to continue to create strife in this country. A moment to be proud and shove down it down white necksDidn't they try this just a few years ago and the survey to the Native American Indian population said that it didn't offend them in the least.

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