I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Quentin Strauss

I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Quentin Strauss

From Quentin Strauss

I'm a 100k+ flyer each year and wouldn't step near a plane right now. Hey Folks one million tickets where sold to a Tulsa Trump Rally and they knew the venue is only good for 20 thousand. I haven't seen many people becom

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In another news report, it is stated that 600000 jobs have been lost as a result of the lockdown. Not controling what you followDarren N Wendy Aucote But it hasn’t though has it. Darren N Wendy Aucote also if policies hadn't previously reduced the unemployment numbers, it would be so much worse.

Given the obvious Law, yet the question still stands do you want to protect children from Pedophilia. Mentally unfit for any job that requires truth & honor & compassionJohn Mediano And pedophilia is taken care of by laws, you know, the ones specific to pedophilia. Truly a hypocrite & the great divider, deceiver, with delusions of a Wanna Be Dictator.

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