I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Phaedra Seeley

I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Phaedra Seeley

From Phaedra Seeley

They are just a toy, which brings so much happiness, play and fun for the kids. Ignore that nonsense, if you want to have a normal conversation then let's do that. I was stating a fact from the blatantly racist comments

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There is also the Modi factor, the Pakistani factor and the disputed Kashmir territory factor. US will take full advantage of the situation to incite India to retaliate heavily against China bcoz US has no interest in peace and want to bring China down at all costs. After that India will take revenge in Bangladesh border Prakash Muchhadiya phiiiirrrrrrrr Bihari bhikhari cool down u r rapists cow piss drinkers,gabar minded chadi gangs.

Congress is always keen to give money for what is facetiously called defense, but they weren’t happy to assign funds for his wall. He may have, but if so he then plundered it for money to build his wall. I’m glad you have faith in our military, but I would rather spend my tax dollars on the people.

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