I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Peter Payne

I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Peter Payne

From Peter Payne

What their doing is illegal, it doesn't belong to any one person it belongs to everyone in that town and everyone should have a say in what happens to it. Also you could say the same thing about the people pulling down t

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The woman who was fired for refusing to manipulate scientific data is still tracking cases. If they truely cared for your health the media would be telling people not to protest and riot because it’s bad for their healthSeth Feaster the media has nothing to do with that if one truly understood the media. Becky Neu so you’re telling me that the media is not ok with President Trump having an in person rally but OK with thousands getting together for protests and riots.

Gordon Taylor Musique concrete uses found sounds recorded from the artist's surroundings, not samples of records. Pierre Schaeffer, one of the earliest musique concrete composers used tape loops and the sound of a record sticking in his compositions. Musique concrete is simply the practice of using pre existing recorded sounds to create new compositions.

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