I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Nigel Ford

I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Nigel Ford

From Nigel Ford

I live in communist controlled Canada, and for only $35 $50 a month, you get full health care, and we live longer by two year's. Barry Bray I bet you collect check from the government lol Barry Bray do you have a degree

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Even now they are trying to work on ways of upping the price 5,000%. I wouldn’t take a vaccin from a gaites either but I sure would take a proven vaccine developed by the Gates Foundation. We give it to people that have respiratory distress from coronavirus, pneumonia, the flu, emphysema, COPD, ARDS.

Kathy Camara LOL actually an honest DOJ not like Obama's which illegally spied on an opposition's campaignNot against the law to tell you truth. There is nothing legal about the current DOJ or Barr, you know the president’s personal attorney who forgot he’s supposed to be the Attorney General for the people. Kathy Camara lol Inspector General Report Durham's special prosecution which is telling you indictments are coming and Rosenstein under oath the other day admitted it alsoTommy Baffi sigh, more fox fake entertainment state television propaganda.

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