I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Muhammad Saleem

I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Muhammad Saleem

From Muhammad Saleem

Yip, back to day one for those people who were in quarantine with them in Auckland. That’s a bit annoying for those who have been isolating at the same facility, theoretically they would have to start from day one again,

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I go to Dallas but not regularly and I try hard to stay away from people. The cases are mostly in the urban areas and I live way out in the sticks. 100,000 dead Americans, another 100,000 projected by the end of September and Republicans just keep proving they couldn't give a dam about American families safety.

Rosie Serafin This is actually about not wanting Black people murdered by the Police but thanks for your racist opinion. Rosie Serafin people that watch Fox News are what’s wrong with this world, defund doesn’t mean no police it means more funds for other things and to take some responsibility away from the police. Theres also people driving around in OC with American Flags and nooses hanging out the bed of their trucks, so I'm not sure we want to be highlighting their risk their life for the cause kinda attitude.

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