I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Ms. Chittenden

I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Ms. Chittenden

From Ms. Chittenden

She isn't, she's into white power but won't or can't even see that she's actually racist. I've been having a disagreement with a friend I found out is very strongly all lives matter. N made by good people then taken over

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Watch were the stimulus $$ are goingHe worked for Trump, that says it all. He could have testified in the Impeachment inquiry and maybe the Republican Senate would,have ended this nightmare. Won't give him or the bookseller a cent, if it becomes a movie I won't watch.

This is not news, but then CNN was never confused with a news organization. Bobby G Naughton I guess laughing at your own wife and father is a sort of tactic when your bending the knee to the guys mocking themBobby G Naughton Ted is a spineless wimp. If Cruz is so great at debate, why did he lose to the thing in the White House that over uses;Bobby G Naughton Ted’s IQ did not help him much against the biggest bully on the debate stage.

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