I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Mr. Leishman

I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Mr. Leishman

From Mr. Leishman

GOOD on you Marcus for taking action on something that you had first hand experience of as a child. Both came from working class backgroundsSajid Rahman Beckhams done a hell of a lot actually if you look it up. Both have

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It is actually about men not wanting to relinquish control and domination of women and their bodies. Tell me how assuming a group of people will vote for you because of their skin color is not racistRoman Gonzalez maybe if you say it enough times it will become true. Roman Gonzalez DUMMFQBlaine Deyoung he literally said if you don't vote for me then you ain't black.

Republicans: We don't believe in the rule of law for all, we are the law, and so we are above the law. That is the only way change happensThe only thing the Republicans want is increased recruitment from QNON and KKK. The People in those States with Republican Senators will have to care enough to push their Senators.

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