I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Mohammed Shiraz

I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Mohammed Shiraz

From Mohammed Shiraz

Davidson Jay they stated they drank it and started feeling sick and threw away the shake and went to the hospital. Kevin Williams how would they know something was in it until it got in their system an made them sick.

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You've just diahed out multiple starmen there and then say I made a strawman. Stan Richardson II um no I don't want older ones, sayong that really shows ypu fail to grasp what I said. Why is it most American men with right wing views now seem able to best express themselves through cartoons, like 8 year olds.

One thing that is not being said in the tabloid media was he was released from prison because of COVID 19 convicted of felony child abuse. It would have ended different if he had not resisted arrest, attacked the police officers and then ran off with the taser turned and fired at the officer. I would say the same if he was white or any raceJohn Vincent Griffin He was drunk, asleep at the wheel, resisted arrest, stole a taser and fired at a cop.

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