I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Michael Sutherlan

I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Michael Sutherlan

From Michael Sutherland

Gabriel Kearns and since then it has been sold and is now owned by independent investors. No, personally my main interest is that his history good AND bad is laid bare for all to learn from. Also the Families of the stri

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The USA has a crap healthcare system and I wonder what they’ll be charging for it if a patient has no insurance. Pascaline Reine Pichou lol we living in hell now I u really think about it God give uz a Paradise to live in on and greedy ungrateful ppl turn into hellSherry Henry not yet. Sherry Henry I don't think your so called religious friends would appreciate you mocking them like this.

Over 100,000 dead, nearly 40 million lost jobs why would anyone believe anything Donald Trump says. He also said he'd release his tax returns, that China did a great job containing the virus and that we would have few cases in the US. Fauci approves a vaccine, I will be the first in line but I would NEVER take anything TRAITOR trump is pushing.

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