I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Michael Allen

I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Michael Allen

From Michael Allen

Toni King polite racism but also intimidation we know who owns this property expecting him to comply in fear ridiculous. No doubt they would say they are not biased at all but they clearly are in nice way of course. Serv

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Omar Matthews probably an auto correct made by coding that may not keep up with my intended slang or not. Living in America I was educated in a system established by the status quo. Omar Matthews So if one of George Floyd's family members tried to express their feelings about social issues and how some issues have impacted their lives, you'd pretty much dismiss them because of 'misspellings'.

He no if that book is Publish he no his ass is in big trouble and no people won’t vote for himLa China Martinez that’s exactly what the tangerine turd is afraid of. This administration thinks they can shut everyone up in the country and will reach for any lengths to stop anyone from dissenting against this President and his administration. The govt had their chance to vet the book, it’s their problem if it wasn’t timelyThere must be some really good sh*t in there.

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