I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Marlei Ridgeway

I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Marlei Ridgeway

From Marlei Ridgeway

This crap was created for simple minded pre pubescent middle class girls who should be doing their homeworkSusan Ferris Give me a moment, Susan. Frank Young You can say whatever you want because it's a free country and y

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Common India show some guts Dusmanta Bhattacharya but at least they are not animals like randian Remember that fake news about an indian soldier breaking a chinese soldiers nose. Poor india even Nepal is threatening them A commanding officer including 3 soldiers which has been killed by PLA when they were protesting with banners in their hand. Bollywood making movie claiming victory Hussain Sheik yes so that you will play the music in your pakistani marriage party.

Yup, labour can’t understand that not having 2 departments that overlap instead of one more efficient department is actually good sense. Jane de Woolfson yes, quite why anyone but Johnson, Cummings and the nazi saluting far right brigade would expect to have a voice. Thanks David Well of course Labour is going to squeal, but why Cameron thinks that he has a voice in any matter is extraordinary.

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