I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Mark Jacques

I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Mark Jacques

From Mark Jacques

Subtract the half trillion he has or wants to divert to building his 'wall' (he has no shame). He’s the one the throws major tantrums whenever things don’t fit his personal narrative; true or not. If his hand picked lack

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Geri Kelley she only apologised because she knows her business is going to suffer as a result of her vicious and vindictive actions because she’s been called out and identified, same as Mulroney only apologises after getting called out. It really, really doesn’t sadly but it’s good BS to spread about to deter the uninformed and gullible. When you are cornered and you know that you a screwed you realize your mistake.

We all know she's a bought and paid for whore and the absolute worst flotus ever in the histry of this country. I heard that in the book we learn that Melanoma can say Anal costs extra. Nope, she's made a choice to stand by her man even with all of the awful everything known about him.

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