I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Mark Eldridge

I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Mark Eldridge

From Mark Eldridge

It would be nice to turn off everything that comes across with a photo or topic of the delusional president. Lois Gibb because that’s not his job to decide what is and isn’t true and what you should and shouldn’t be allo

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Old and tired come up with something new you sheepleBarry Bray Trump stopped doing that when he opened his mouth to take the Oath of OfficeBarry Bray not welfare, any government funds that are given out. At least come up with something original and not something that you have been programmed to say. We have been watching and commenting on any abuseBarry Bray oh dear, conspiracy and mayhem.

The more people know the scams they use the more informed we can all be. Time because he is always run off his feet with the extras and hospital stuff, two gps in the town and both are always flat out. Tara Williams we wait the same in our small town, and then another two hours after aPt.

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