I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Marc Tomlinson

I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Marc Tomlinson

From Marc Tomlinson

Get rid of those bike lanes & save lifes Dave Norris again another one is comparing apple to oranges. Not trying to sound cruel but let’s be real, she got on the path of that bus. A class= data hovercard= ajax hoverc

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This is the trouble with setting yourself up in a tribe; you start seeing outsiders as the enemy. Colm Kavanagh the majority of Americans are not ‘these groups’, they are individuals; individuals who believe in equality of opportunity and equal rights. He’ll still get elected because the other side have totally alienated most of the US population with their identity politics.

Hang on a minute Trump said just a few days ago that Choke holds are important and the police may need them and should keep them. Coz Police departments are only causing disorder and unlawfulnessI guess Channel 9 didn't know this was going on today. Well I gave u an answerGladys Oranga was anyone questioning why protesters looters rioters weren't 6 ft apart I think at this point 6 ft doesn't matter muchLaw and Order sector is currently handled by non Uniform pips.

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