I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Marc Newson

I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Marc Newson

From Marc Newson

A society that stands by and does nothing about this obscene travesty and genocide of older people is lost and morally bankrupt. Conviently the gov passed legislation that before the lockdown even happened that none of t

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Fauci is a crook who has led us down the wrong path at every turn during this. I am sure he will address it, and probably tell people they don't have to prove the color of their skin, to vote for certain candidates. I do find it odd that he wants this from his followers but has them sign a waiver where he assumes no responsibility.

Steve Monev, but it was extreme of China to inflict an incurable virus upon the world, though. Damian Mcwilliams where have you been Other countries need to proactively start bombing China's manufacturing facilities and military installations, otherwise this might turn into a nuclear winter. Btw they own us Damian Mcwilliams CCP is threatening to invade Taiwan whilst saying we are nothing but chewing gum on the soles of their shoes.

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