I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Kerri Stones

I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Kerri Stones

From Kerri Stones

It's funny how they don't acknowledge nothing about the protesters but people walking at the beach lmao fukn hypocritesYou can live in perpetual fear if you want. We had a good test on how we are to proceed with the pand

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2nd, if it WERE true we'd have seen spikes after lockdown protests and other large gatherings but we didn't. If it's the Democrats, how come your bonehead of a president was holding daily briefings about it for a couple of months, while suggesting asinine cures. SHIT looks like the USA (the middle) still have no concept of germs.

Quite honestly with the things Trumps and you people say about Democrats, YOU SHOULD TALK. Deb Pruitt Peterson They are stupid enough to go to an indoor arena with 15,000 people, no masks, screaming and yelling then it is FATE that they will infect each other. Jeff Hill Thank you Jeff, that is very thoughtful and I am very careful to wear a mask to protect myself from those who don't think they should.

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