I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Justin Morley

I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Justin Morley

From Justin Morley

Geraldine Boyer yes, I’m gonna trust a woman with a cat as her profile picture with virus advice. In 2019, 90,000+ people died from the flu, but did we hear about that. Shows you ain't got much up there anyways Lauren Ol

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Ok, and then when a shooter comes to campus and kills one of your kids. SmhJohn Conner The money saved on not having police in schools will be spent on counselors. Good take the cops out & I guarantee 1st problem these same clowns will run to call the police.

Paul Weatherley it's to early mateThe only reason for shooting a suspect is that you believe a life is in danger from his actions. You can't completely eradicate them, as this story shows, but you can control the numbers and pretty much guarantee that I'd someone is carrying they can't have a legitimate reason for doing so. Kerri Hill you not needing guns does not automatically give you the right to stop other people owning guns, that’s just elitistColin Jackson All 3 firearms massacres in our modern history were committed by law abiding legal gun owners.

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