I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Jonty Goodchild

I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Jonty Goodchild

From Jonty Goodchild

About the same odds that DT would hire a competent, non conflicted person to serve in his administration. So I wonder why they need to advertise for minority actors to attend, offering them money or community service tim

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The only thing they cant claim is the virus thats why they shared it to the world. Also India needs to stop raping its women bloody cowardsOfcourse China will blame the other side for violation but it is them who are the source of chaos everywhere. India feels its some how superior to everyone else that’s why they are always getting into it with their neighbours.

We have to be honest about ALL of our past, including the men and women we call great, if we want to fix this mess. And even though Lincoln has been revered by many Americans for much of the past century and a half, this reverence has been accompanied only sporadically by authentic action to achieve the legacy his memory seemed to promise. So, as to what should be put in their place, it's up to the people of that state, not a specific group or clique, to decide what person or symbol best exalt the love of their region.

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