I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Jeffrey Chambers

I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Jeffrey Chambers

From Jeffrey Chambers

The way you tell it, the virus appeared in the world so Govt could get votes. Andree Butler so you have family overseas, yet you would deny 40,000 plus coming home. Vicky Frost so agree with you, national pushing to open

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Tom Pope If it wasn't for all you sad little white boys the Republicans wouldn't even have a party. The only thing wrong with America is Democrat party Trump 20 20 the Republican Party 2020 and BeyondGeriatric yt bigot with an ignorance filled opinion is so played out, find a new act. Need to face (I'm a Democrat who lived Obama) that Obama had alot to do with this.

They just live in a bad part of town In Whatever country funds them. It's no wonder these punks get so bent out of shape when one of those criminals gets killed by cops. This generation is nothing but a bunch of hoodlums weened on mumble rap created by saggy pants thugs who rape about murdering and raping people.

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