I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Janice Pretot

I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Janice Pretot

From Janice Pretot

Working older people to death when they want to enjoy a retirement, but keeping young people out of jobs. As a guy that is in self isolation rare can not even bubble so that's not working good idea but still few falling

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Also, my own Co Worker was scammed by Trump when he worked at one of his Hotels as an Interior Decorator. Elizabeth Figueroa I think my comments to Gerinda got to her and she blocked me. Charlie Geis I was going to respond but I just realized you are delusional so Nisha Crichlow the only things hiding in white sheets that I know of are Dems in their kkk garb.

Only reason to bring him up would be because he sign a bill that protected police in cases of police brutality. TEARGAS TRUMPits a start but as always the haters say its not enough oh well, Bye the way the choke hold was original a defensive move to subdue a person. Why because the Republicans controlled the Senate Mitch McConnell would not anything pass including a Supreme Court Judge and what's that got.

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