I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By James Mcgarry

I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By James Mcgarry

From James Mcgarry

Providing Wikipedia articles instead of actual scientific papers that's a disingenuous individual who graduated from the school of stupid. I have heard stories from my friend that his child had to sit in an allocated squ

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Dean Cloke it's rubbish other countries don't increase retirement age and treat there older workers a lot better then we do in the UK its a matter of political willMorris Armstrong if only you had saved or invested wisely. Linda Dew it's about political will the fifth richest country in the world can afford through taxes to pay its older people a decent income for a small amount of GDPMorris Armstrong how can that possible happen. Em Jackson if you've paid into the system for many years, there should be the option of retiring when one's 'had enough'.

If you’re actively in opposition to people asserting that black lives matter, not specifically more than anyone else’s, but just matter. I voted for Hillary Clinton because I thought we were ready to have a woman president. I did NOT vote for Trump because of his horrid reputation and I’m proud of that decision.

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