I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By James Campbell

I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By James Campbell

From James Campbell

Do you really not believe there is a conglomerate of incredibly rich and incredibly powerful people pushing for a one world government. Brian McCarthy there’s a difference between faking an outbreak and weaponizing an ou

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We will never have racial unity in this country until we all realize that politicians on both sides maintain power by keeping us divided. All I have to say is see the attached pic and decide who is who. And if your more worried about property damage than a man dying from abuse of authority well.

Tell this to the morons that are rioting and vandalising war memorials and statues Out of 100 readers who have clicked a response thus far, it tells you something that 53 of them (over 50%) chose the emoji. Vile reporting, using a pandemic and people's deaths to stir anger and hatred to promote an agenda. Nowt to do with their BLM non social distancing, and being of sane mentality as to not catch Covid 19 thenIt's because of Vitamin D3 deficiency.

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