I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Harry Leak

I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Harry Leak

From Harry Leak

Suspect with a weapon shot, stopped, disarmed safely and still alive to face justice. Dennis Soho plus UK police use Sub machine guns generally whereas the US police use handguns. BrManso Annan Bernard primarily the diff

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Fauci and many of the governors have asked protestors to get tested and to wear masks. Your percwnt positives are holding pretty steady and your hospitalization rates are fineJennifer Sarzyniak considering my degree is in Biology my math skills are definitely above average. Yeah, guess you missed out on how it takes typically 2 weeks to start showing symptoms.

The Democrat mayors running the cities need to fix the problems in their city and Police Department they run. Progressive Mayor Cheryl Selby Who Supported Black Lives Matter Gets Home Vandalized During Riots, Now Calls It ‘Domestic Terrorism’ That’s progressive leadership for you. I understand that your racism feels threatened but crying that it's the TV's fault is pretty patheticMeanwhile.

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