I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Gary Nevill

I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Gary Nevill

From Gary Nevill

Sally Miles Shuttlewood but if you have a chance to do it you would try. It’s not that I’ve misunderstood I just fail to understand why a plane was allowed to leave with two infected people. Andrew Neil Kesteven as above

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The product of being taught a contorted hate America propaganda by the now almost complete infested in the public education system, far left wing indoctrination arm incubated years ago in Berkeley. Once they are allowed to ban Jefferson and make him the bad guy they will go after his writings full force. They actually hate America and are destroying it, one piece of history at a time.

Christopher James so dan is a racist because he isn’t defending a drunk driver who resisted arrest, took swings at the cops, stole their taser & fired at them. Again you expect cops to be held accountable but not citizensCarrie Schumacher Spreitzer the first part of your diatribe is 100% correct. Did you see the breathalyzer to know he was a wee bit over.

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