I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Andrew Prendergas

I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Andrew Prendergas

From Andrew Prendergast

Separation of church and state means that you can't discriminate based upon moronic and Despicable faith based hate. Becky Moore sure maybe it wasn't his position, but he appointed the right judges on to the Court that m

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Luis Silva ministers chosen for their support ofBojo and Brexit nothing to do with knowledge,intelligence or empathyHussain Bin Shamsuddin Totally agree. A lot of those Cabinet post holders would need to read a lot of books to get the picture. Luis Silva, he knows better than they do what its like to be hungry, that's for certain Rufus Rigsby Black, I know that.

And irrelevantSalute the leftie bean flickerThe idiots are up early this morning Armed robbers legs matter Gordon Fairbairn he had a gun, wasn’t in police custody when shot and he isn’t dead. A black man was be shot 3 times in the back for waving a taser gun That is the reason for the BLM movement. Police shoot to stop and will always aim for the widest part of the body which is the torso.

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