I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Anderson

I want to buy new t-shirt in the winter By Anderson

From Tyson Anderson

Have the secret services run in an jump him lmaoIs this the same bloke who pisses on his hands Ronnie does not like a conservative so he wants to play a bully. Oh for lands sake they will both dislocate a hip but bring b

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Michael Plentyn of course I have Danny McPhee I did no such thing you’ve demonstrated your ignorance pretty well all by yourself. I do, any kind of prejudice is wrong, doesn't make you not a bigot though. You're the only one fomenting anything on this thread dude Danny McPhee it's the correct word for you though isn't it.

I would support specially trained school police but abolishing the entire school police system is stupid. Removing the police means giving criminals licence to operate, remove the bad eggs in the police force but leave the police aloneRetraining, adjusting policy, and exposing the bad apples when you know or see a situation getting out hand. Abdiel Avila The money saved on not having police in schools will be spent on counselors.

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