I want to become a pilot!

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Why I want to become a pilot:

When I was a child, I haven’t been to any country outside my own. I felt that the world was huge, and it was very difficult to leave my country. Occasionally I could see a pair of white wings as I looked up in the sky; that was my only source of knowledge about an airplane. Beyond that, it was so far away from me, and I was too busy with my live to care about this trivial matter. It was not until I’ve grown up and used the money I earned to buy my first plane ticket to Hong Kong. I was really moved when I boarded the plane and soared into the stratosphere, before landing smoothly in Chek Lap Kok airport. I felt so excited and nervous as I stepped on the foreign land, thinking that millions of travelers fly to countries thousands of kilometers away, arriving at destinations unreachable by their ancestors in a mere few hours. I was deeply impressed by the huge impact of airplanes on this world, and I have since been fascinated by this means of transportation, especially how a gigantic piece of metal can fly elegantly into the air like a feather. I began to contemplate on this, and through my quest for the answer, I’ve gradually realized how humans have transformed the yearn of flying into the prosperous aviation industry today. Moreover, I’ve discovered to my surprise that the seemingly difficult stages of flying were almost always based on the most fundamental principles of Science I’ve read such as aerodynamics. A train of thought then crossed my mind: can I try to fly in the sky on my own?

The world was heavily impacted by the pandemic in 2020. Once taking lots of things for granted, I am now grateful that I can still maintain a normal life and start to rethink about my dream: can I try to accomplish this? I could end up with regret if I kept hesitating, and so I’ve decided to begin my first steps!

Why I need to be funded:

Everybody knows that flying is never a simple matter: it requires a lot of time and money to be invested. My plan is to obtain the PPL (Private Pilot License); currently there is only one flight school in Taiwan (Taitung) that provides the services of learning and licensing tests. I’ve decided to finish my flight training there, but my current salary can only break even with my essential expenditures; that is insufficient to support the costly flight training tuition fees. However I can’t give up on my dream because of this; I will try my very best no matter how slim the chance is.

I understand that learning to fly is a lengthy process, and the difficulty of balancing my work and learning considering that I have to shuttle between Taichung and Taitung every week. But I am fully prepared to meet my challenge.


All funds will be spent on tuition fees and necessary expenditures. I will also record and share all my experience to you as reference.


I’m very grateful to my friends who have offered me help and given me advice; I couldn’t persevere without your heartwarming encouragement. More gratitude to all of you who have endowed me with concrete support; many thanks no matter what means it is. Blesses to you all, no matter where you are or what challenges you are facing. Never forget your place of departure; persist, and you will reach your destination one day.

Q & A

1. Why PPL?

PPL is the most basic license for a pilot. I want to fly into the sky by my own, and I want a license that proves my proficiency.

2. Aren’t there other means to experience flying?

Yes there are, I’ve tried to operate drones and did hang gliding, but I wish ultimately to fly with planes powered by engines; that will truly enable me to soar into the high sky and look down on the vast Earth.

3. It is much more expensive to get licensed in Taiwan than other countries. Why not getting the license elsewhere?

The flight schools in Taiwan are developing; there’s only one at the moment but it is superb. If I am to learn flying in the US, the cost is similar to Taiwan when the accommodation and traveling expenses are included. Although Taiwan is not an ICAO member state, license conversion can be done in the future.

4. Isn’t it more common for men to learn flying?

We all have our own dreams, and dreams never ask about your gender. Learning to fly is a wonderful thing, and we all have the right to pursuit what deems wonderful to us.

Your support is very meaningful to me. Thank you very much in advance!

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