I want to ask everyone to help my dad survive

I want to ask everyone to help my dad survive

From Terry Millus

My name is Xiaohui. I am studying in National One this year, and there is a sister of the second year in my family. We are currently renting a small apartment in Taipei City.

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My father has experienced serious car accidents and two strokes in the past two years. He is paralyzed from left to right and unable to speak; my mother has been exhausted to take care of his father and sister.

My father used to be a photocopier repairer, and my mother was a full-time housewife. He was unable to work to take care of his in-laws and sisters. Two years ago, my father suffered a severe fracture of his left thigh and shoulder due to a car accident. He returned to work after half a year of rehabilitation. Unexpectedly, one afternoon after working for two months, when my father went to visit a client, he suddenly fainted. .

Although he saved his life after an emergency operation, his left body was paralyzed. After a year and a half of inpatient rehabilitation in three hospitals, our family’s economy was almost unable to sustain it. However, there were some during this period. Uncles, aunts, and grandma’s assistance, but because of their poor financial situation, they can help very little. At this time, because my father was paralyzed on his left, he could no longer work.

After a year and a half of hard rehabilitation, my dad can finally walk on crutches. Although his left hand is still a bit stiff due to a stroke, he can at least do some part-time work. We originally thought that life was about to return to normal. We didn't expect that last Friday afternoon, when my mother took his father to the Third Neihu General Hospital for a follow-up visit, his father suddenly fainted again

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