i want my own family

i want my own family

From Florian-Bogdan Florea

Hello,my name is Florian and i am inlove. 22 months ago i meet a women from Indonesia,her name Alwina and after a while we fall inlove of each other even sittuation was complicated. Shes a married women with 2 kids.

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Maybe some of you think i should stay away but in the same time we as people we fall inlove when we expect less and of people we dont expect. Honestly i never think i will fall inlove of she but now i am happy i did it cuz those 22 months was the most beautiful time from my life.

When we first meet 14.09.2017 she was in a bad shape because life was cruel with she after a beautifull start in marriage and 2 kids life show she how much drinking problems and jelousy can change a man. I remember first week we start talk her eyes swollen all the time because wasnt able to sleep properly being afraid of her drunk husband,her ulcer hurt she because  wasnt  able to eat properly ,everything she do every day wasnt good enough. She was hopeless and in that moment i become her guardian angle ,the man who listen she,the man who always had time for she and give she strenght. After a week she told me the first time she fall inlove of me,was a happy day cuz in that moment i knew shes the one i want to be with. Yes maybe some of you... will say she was to fast... yes was too fast but it last for next 22 months a long distance relationship. I love my Alwina baby. 1 week later life was cruel with me,my brother died in other country republic Czech i was so busy that week after he died and so messy cuz i live in Romania and i must bring him home but after that week end she was there check me every time ask me if i eat send me to sleep and rest and give me her affection.  Those moments made me love she with all my human being.

Back to her life... was the same,live in the same house with an abussive husband and i advice she take her kids and run to her parents. She trusted me and she did it,from that moment i knew she will be mine forever. But few weeks ago she told me after she go to her parents few months later her husband follow she at parents house and she didnt told me this cuz was afraid to lose me but she take her kids and sleep in other room, her husband lose she cuz she loved and she love me. We planed all this time meet and be together but we wasnt be able to save money. Huffftt sometimes i am seriously thinking walk on feet how can i do it are around 9000 km between us...God  i cant believe it. 1 month ago she run from home she go in town take a job first day she earn 12usd a whole day 3 cleaning jobs and 1 ironing. That pic i set its from my birthday 4 july she buy me a cake even i was so far away, even those money were all she had, she wake up me morning call me on video call she sing happy birthday. Every time i think of that day my tears fall. But in the same time her husband and hes family push she come back home threat she will take her kids away  that guy use hes kids to have a women he lose in the first time he hit she. In the end she said will go home if her ex wont be there anymore...and this happend just for a short time cuz few days ago her dad bring that guy home and now he forced she share the same bed and now shes really afraid of being sexual abused . Today i read about political asylum in other countrys...ahhh shes so afraid people wont believe she and beg me to help she,so i search on internet about how can i earn some money to send she buy fly tickets for she and our kids and run. We plan to run in Greece,she from Indonesia and me from Romania and meet there. This is our story but be sure are many many things to say,i am happy we survive until now.God bless she and keep she safe cuz i love she with every breath i take.

We need money for 4 fly tickets Indonesia-Athen ( she,our two sons and her sister who support us and  will guard she flying... it will be the first time will do it)

rent a place until papers will be ready if will approve political asylum in order to start work

kids needs as cloths food and everything else cuz if she run wont have time to pack up.

a lawyer for her divorce and kids custody cuz we plan get married soon and we plan have another 3 kids our wish 2 girls twins and 1 boy. We have names already girls will be Maria and Sofia and boy will be Gabriel like  my brother

and advice if someone know if her political asylum will be approve in her situation

Btw i am from Romania like i told .when i start this couldnt check Romania. I use this fundraise to tell our love story hopeing will find people who are able to help us even with some advice! I apologize for my bad English,God bless everyone and if you have someone close to you and your able to share  love,dont think twice do it.

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