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I need your help!

Nice to meet you, my name is Reon Doi and I have created this fundraiser for my girlfriend who desperately needs your help. She is one of the strongest people I know and does not like to ask for help, but this situation is out of my hands and we are running out of options. One day, I suddenly got a message from my girlfriend saying “help” in the middle of the night. I got a phone call the morning of and rushed there as fast as I could was shocked and infuriated when I heard her story. Long story short, her parents have physically abused her and they started physically hurting her while she was defenseless and asleep(around 1:30 am), she woke up to both of her parents punching and kicking her and did not stop. When she asked what was happening they told her to don’t play dumb, they went through her phone while she was sleep and misinterpreted the conversation I was having with my girlfriend and did not even give her a chance to explain. She was confused and still half asleep so out of instinct she asked to get her phone back. Her father tackled and dragged her onto the floor while her mother had my girlfriend’s phone in her hand and spread lies about me in order to break us up. (They have told her that I was not trustworthy and to prove their point, they staged a whole conversation with me in another room. Her mother pretended to yell at me and threatened me to sue and go to the police) One of the most infuriating part was since she did not know if her mother was actually calling me, she kept screaming for my help, yet her father still continued to hurt her. She tried fighting her father off to “get on the phone with me”. She managed to snatch her phone back and saw that it was all an act. When her mother saw that she got caught in a lie, she than became more physically abusive towards my girlfriend. The abuse from BOTH of her parents continued towards my girlfriend ALONE. For self protection she grabbed the closest knife she could find. (She kept telling her parents she just wanted to get out of the house and that she did not want to hurt anyone.) Her mother called the police on her telling them that she was acting crazy and that she was trying to hurt them, begged the police to contain my girlfriend. My girlfriend also called the police right after begging for help, however her dad instantly guilt tripped her into hanging up. While waiting for the police, she managed to get by the door, yet her father tackled her when the door was half open. When my girlfriend saw that her father was trying to grab the knife away from her, she did not fight it because she did not want anyone to get hurt so she let go. However, after she let go, her father nicked himself and yelled out “she cut me! Close the door!” My girlfriend desperately wanted to leave so she reached her left foot out and her mother closed the door on her left ankle. Even though, she begged them to stop, they kept closing the door on her ankle while tackling her down to the floor. (Even now, a month later she still has some pain left on her ankle) The police arrived at their house right than and her parents suddenly took their hands off of my girlfriend and immediately started apologizing for the trouble my girlfriend has caused them. The police officers separated her parents and her to ask about what has happened, and later took them to the police station to question them more in depth. The police officer that was going back on forth asked my girlfriend if she wanted to talk to just one of her parents first, however, since she was having a panic attack, she could not answer and did not feel comfortable talking to either one of her parents at that point. Yet, they have completely ignored her wished and brought BOTH of her parents into the room and forced her to have a conversation with her parents. However, the police officers believed every word that her parents said and when they forced my girlfriend to tell her side of the story while she was having a panic attack, the police officer told her “your story seems like a lie”.  The conversation continued and the police ended up asking my girlfriend if there was anything else she wanted to say, so she begged her parents that if something comes up, from next time to have a conversation with her and to not get physical. Her parents started hysterically laughing at her when she made the request and told her “you deserved a lot worse than what has happened to you” and “this was the only way we could teach you a lesson”. When her parents were asked, they told her to not lie and hide things from them anymore. My girlfriend begged the police officers to not send her home because she was afraid to be alone with her parents again, yet ignored her requests and sent her home. Ever since than she has not been feeling safe at home anymore because she did not know when her parents were going rage out again. She is traumatized and carries physical and emotional damage to this day. She tried staying with her relatives and friends, however her parents have influenced them all already. She has been doing horrible mentally and she desperately wants and needs to leave her toxic household for herself. Every time she has tried to work for herself, her parents have always found a way to sabotage it. She has been trying to find a job remotely without them knowing but it has been incredibly hard to find one without needing a degree. She has also put off going to college because she believes she needs to work in order to provide for herself. So I was hoping I could at least help her out a bit by starting this donation page. If you have any questions please feel free to ask us and if you are or have been going through something similar, it would mean a lot to us if you message us. Thank you so much for your time!

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