I Live On a Block that had a Mass Shooting

I Live On a Block that had a Mass Shooting

From Latonyetta Perez

I want to protect myself and family by moving away from an area that has Mass Shootings. I fear for our lives. I do not want myself nor my foster children to become an innocent victim of violent crimes. We need to move.

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Hello, I am La'Tonya the aunt of Taylor Hayes (rip). I currently reside in Baltimore Maryland were there is a profound lack of health and wellness inside of the community. I would like to provide a better life for my family.


Recently, June 16th there was a mass shooting right outside my home. I had children in my house , we had to literally duck from over 50 bullets /shoots that sprayed our block. 6 people was shot and an elderly man passed away in the mass shooting. We saw the people laid out dying in the middle of the street. This is not safe for the residents on our block. I fear for the lives of my family members and friends as a direct result of this occurrence. I have nightmares about the event and other dreams as well that is traumatizing to me and my foster children.


To think that we currently can NOT just go to the corner store, enjoy a walk with our pet, or invite company / loved ones to visit without the fear of becoming a innocent victim / bystander of violent crime is a harsh reality. and makes me feel like a failure in life. I thought I was providing my family with a safe home upon moving into the neighborhood but since my residence I have experienced over 10 shootings and multiple murders.


I do not have enough money to pick up and move to a safe area because most of Baltimore is impoverished and suffers from high crime rates. I am trying my best to move my family to a home away from this unsafe and warzone like area. I was an elementary teacher in the community for 3 years but unfortunately my school has closed due to matters beyond my control.


In addition my husband was murdered in November 2020 on his way to work at the age of 30, leaving us with less income. His murderer is still unknown and walking the streets, his case unsolved, the police has not contacted me even once about his case once.


It seems no matter how much I try, I just can not catch a break. I have so many daily struggles that are attributed to be held captive in this place of violence that I just wish to move away and start over in another place for the sake of my family wellbeing. I am tired of being stuck in the impoverished "rat race" of Baltimore life. I simply do not have the proper resources to pick up and move into a proper area. I am trying to do better for what is left of my family.


Currently , I am Unemployed and trying to stay on my feet while trying to keep my son out of the streets. And I am loosing this battle, quickly. This is exhausting and I fear that my son/ daughter , myself, my family, or friends will become another innocent victim of senseless violence outside my home. I do not want to die because I am to poor to move to a different area. I also do not want my family, foster children , friends to suffer because of me and my inability to provide a safe environment. I am looking for work and am accepting gigs with any offers to save all that I can to move to a safer environment.


I am a hard working person in a tough spot for the moment and am looking for a way out to the best of my abilities. Please consider helping me to preserve the lives of my family and myself by helping us get away from Baltimore's Mass Shootings and Violent Areas because it is not suitable for life.

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