I get 7.74USD/12hrs at factories that manufacture kernel oil

I get 7.74USD/12hrs at factories that manufacture kernel oil

From Benson Chukwu

I'm raising this fund to change my life which I stated as my campaign, the money will be used to buy at most 10000kg of kernel which I will be processing into kernel oil as a means to earn a living able to raise a family

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Hello World, I'm new to this and sincerely want you to consider my honest post of fundraising and cooperate with me in any possible way that you can. Because I have laboured for 3 years and been paid at most 7.74USD per 12 hours in any factory that process kernel oil in my zone.

You may wonder how possible is it for anyone to work as long as 12 hours and get paid with such small amount, well I am living up to that after operating on a crushing machine specially made to crush and process kernel to its oil, am meant to fill a 300 liter container with oil for as long as 80 minutes at a price of 0.77USD per 1 container. Yes I'm absolutely sure of what you just read.

I have been trying to save up to 5000USD which will enhance me to start working for myself and also be the first person in my region to pay labourers 2.06USD per container of oil they crush out from the kernels bought with the most of the money, to estimate the amount for the purchase of kernels will be close to 4129.03USD. 

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