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I-Deal Beauty Supply

If you asked me 10 years ago where my career was going, I would have told you that I was headed to be a leader in the credit card industry.  I was well on my until 2 years ago when I realized I had goals and aspiration that I couldn't achieve with that current career path.  I wanted to be successful, give back to customers and be inspirational to other women.  

One day I went to three different beauty supply retailers looking for crochet hair.  One store didn't have enough of the color I wanted.  The second one did not have my desired brand.  Finally the third store had what I was looking for but I was not "happy" with my purchase. Sure the crochet hair was what I wanted but that store along with the other 2 were cramped and cluttered.  I realized that as soon as I walked into each store I was unconsciously stressed and relieved to leave each time.   I know it can be better.  I know I can create a space where shopping for beauty supplies could be fun.  I want to create a beauty supply store that focuses on the positive customer experience each and every time.

Our mission is to be the best beauty supply retailer in Southeast Virginia by providing the most unique customer experience through recognizing the needs of the customer, catering to the customer and celebrating the customer.

Our product mix will be for all women, because I believe its up to you to define your ideal beauty.

Your donation will help create I-Deal Beauty Supply in a brick and mortar location in Virginia.  

My vision includes hiring a diverse staff in age, race and background to achieve a culture of inclusion and creativity. 

Thank you for your support.

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