Save a disabled trans man from homelessness

Save a disabled trans man from homelessness

From Liam Diller

Hunter is a mentally ill trans man who was recently cut off from his only support system. Hunter has trouble holding down jobs due to nerve pain, seizures, and mental illness and has been gaslit by his support system ...

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Hunter is a 21 year old trans man who has severe chronic pain, seizures and mental illness. He has been neglected the support of qualified health professions since he was a boy, because his parents are antivaxxer terfs. He is only allowed to see doctors that his parents approve. They are usually "alternative medicine doctors" or "wholeistic doctors" who tell him being vegan caused all his problems, despite blood tests saying otherwise. These doctors listen to his parents more then they listen to him, despite his extensive knowledge about phsyology, pharmacology, and neuroscience from all the research he has done in response to being gaslit. He has been homeless before, the last time he tried to escape his toxic support system. He wasn't prepared then but he has no choice now because he is permanently cut off. The homeless shelters in Utah are not a trans friendly space. Hunters parents refuse to accept his many disabilities and his trans identity, and have gaslit him his whole life. He has a place to go but not nearly enough money to stay there safely. Please support this man if you can. So he can afford to get out of his small town to a safer area, and get on new insurance to medically transition safely, and continue exploring the cause of his chronic pain

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